Product Development and Book Publishing Printing Management Consultant

Martin Pugh has been involved in the domestic and international book printing industry, working with a long list of clients since the mid 80’s and his experience has encompassed many aspects of printing, stationery and book manufacturing.

“I recently joined Marathon Press as VP of Product Development and Book Publishing Project manager. Along with that I am founder and creative director of Design Bindery LLC, all of which is tied into and focused on developing and manufacturing of on- demand and short run length photo books, journals and gift items for lifestyle brands and other organizations.”

If you have a project of interest that you are seeking consulting assistance with, please email

Note: All inquiries by email will be respectfully answered back- some faster than others. My current focus with Marathon Press is in the specific areas of on-demand print, personalized photobook solutions, and development of made in the USA paper products including: journals & stationery items. If I can’t be of any assistance I will gladly recommend another source that might.